June 24th 2014

Please support us if you can with our first Production Kickstarter campaign for Tell Them of Us

VAD nurses 2014-09-12 017

Our costumier and producer has committed herself to two years unpaid work to help make this precious film happen and she is supported in this by some amazing people, from vintage vehicle owners to graphic designers, who are also committing their time and resources (often covering their own costs), which is helping us achieve high production values on a shoestring. We do a lot of bartering of skills too! We have been incredibly moved by the number of people who want to help us make this film as their way of paying their respects to the past. The making of this film has proved to be an extraordinary journey for all concerned.

However we still face costs, travel and food for volunteers, location fees, fees for musicians and our composer etc so please support us if you can. Thank you 🙂