The making of the WW1 film ‘Tell Them of Us’  is taking us in ever more extraordinary directions. Although we are making the film from a home front perspective, and on a shoe-string budget, we knew that we wanted to briefly reproduce some stylized front-line action.

By a succession of extraordinary opportunities we found ourselves being supported in this by HDFL,  the HILT disability foundation in Lincolnshire. We in turn were able to set up a photoshoot and create a small amount of video for them to illustrate the problems of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder or combat stress. By providing the pyrotechnic expertise HDFL were able to help us achieve what we wanted within our small budget.

Nick Loven Director and the pyrotechnic team.

Nick Loven Director and the pyrotechnic team including Dave Cash (in red beret) from HDFL

Test expolsion

Test explosion

(C) Eran Bauer HILT

(C) Eran Bauer HILT. Reece Ackerman (WW1), Dave Cash (Falklands) and Simon Mounsey.

We created a short video for HILT (above) which included soldiers from WW2, the Faulklands and Afghanistan. We then finally used up the last bit of our explosives to create a short piece for one of our actors’ showreel (below):

If anyone wants to support the HDFL charity or would like to approach them for pyrotechnic support for battle-field filming, you can contact them on 01522 514286. They are based in Lincoln and are there to support any former Forces individuals in need of help.