July 1913

We are delighted to report that our first phase of funding has been a success! We are now almost a third towards our goal of making ‘Tell Them of Us’,  a film to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War next year.


We have also found a superb location for the Crowder’s home. Much of their original house has been absorbed into Crowders Nurseries shop and café, so we needed to find a new location. We have found it in nearby Baumber. It is the house belonging to a cousin of the Crowder family and even has a fragrant Crowder rose planted in the beautiful gardens. The main elevation of the house, with its beautiful Victorian double bay windows, is a good match for the original Crowder house. All of the bay windows are carefully maintained originals too. The rear of the property (viewed below) dates from the 1680’s and the grounds have a fine old lawn tennis court with a ha-ha to one side and pasture beyond. It’s also a B&B, should anyone like to stay in gorgeous rural Lincolnshire: Baumber Park.