‘Tell Them of Us’

To mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War next year, we hope to make a film about a single war memorial, that of Thimbleby in Lincolnshire.

It was our aim to choose a small memorial to men that were unknown to us as every one of the men lost had a story worth telling. We were not looking for famous people or stories, for officers or decorated men; we wanted to tell the story of everyman. What we have found on our memorial was farm labourers, wagoners and gardeners, all with stories worth telling, and the genesis of a beautiful and moving film. We also discovered, through surviving letters and memoirs, the moving story of two brothers. We plan to tell the story from the home front and through the people left behind.

All profits from the sale of our DVDs will go towards the making of this film. We are also looking into other funding options.

We now have a Facebook page for the film – please head there and ‘Like’ for us – thank you! http://www.facebook.com/TellThemOfUs

Thimbleby Church, which houses the war memorial and beautiful stained glass window below, is in need of support too – click here for the Save Thimbleby Church web site.

Stained glass window