October 2013


A casual tweet a week ago, looking for volunteer knitters for a WW1 film, wool provided, resulted in a cascade of offers which nearly crashed my Twitter account. I quickly created a closed Facebook group for this instant community and it is thriving! We have expert knitting historians and specialists in pattern drafting (from photographs even) through to lace, Aran and Fairisle knitters – we also have knitting novices and crochet experts. They are sharing patterns, expertise and advice and those with organisational talent are already helping to shape the group. We have now created a group on the Ravelry forum as we quickly outgrew our FB page. Knitters, I have found, are generous and gregarious people!

We have some beautiful 1910s patterns for high fashion knitwear for the leads of the film, as well as more everyday patterns for villagers and children. We are also knitting ‘soldiers comforts’, for use in the film and for display afterwards. Any surplus will be auctioned for charity.

We have knitters from Orkney to Omaha and we are currently sharing the view from our window to start getting to know one another. I have had to close the group at 100 members as there is a risk that I will be unable to supply the yarn if it gets any bigger, but there is a demand for this to spread wider. We have some funding in place, but the popularity of the project and the knitting bees that are itching to set up means that I will need as much wool as I can supply!

You can follow our progress at the Orkney to Omaha WW1 knitting blog – Just follow the link!