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Immersion cinema is where the audience’s appreciation of a story is heightened by, for example, being in the location where the events played out. Now there is a chance to see Tell Them of Us in one of the locations where the events depicted happened and where we filmed too.The film is about the Crowder family during World War One and is told from the home front. A close friend of the Crowder family, Violet Pearson, worked as a VAD nurse at the Horncastle Red Cross Hospital and, although the film only briefly touches on her work, the fact that the audience will be viewing the film sitting in the ward that so many injured soldiers were nursed, will be a powerful one.

The Charity Premiere of the film will be introduced by the Director, Nick Loven, and Robert Holland, grandson and great nephew of Grace, William and Robert Crowder. It will be held in Stanhope Hall, Horncastle, the former Red Cross Hospital. Funds will go to the restoration of St Margaret’s Church, Thimbleby, which contains the marble memorial to Robert Crowder and the other fallen from the village during the 1914-18 war.

charity premiere