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(c) Nick Loven

William saying goodbye to his family (c) Nick Loven

We are hoping to complete this WW1 commemorative film project by making a number of small documentaries one of which, on the knitted costume, has already been recorded. Most importantly, we plan to film a drama-documentary to tell the story of William Crowder as this is not covered by the film.

Adam Fox as William Crowder

William returns (Adam Fox as William Crowder) (c) Nick Loven

The account of the events surrounding the battle in which William Crowder received a DSO is one of the most arresting and visually compelling of any account I have read. Recreating this will be extraordinary.

We will also include some behind the scenes material and research stories. These will be all added to the DVD of the film for release later next year.

Interview-based documentary work is, in contrast to filming drama, relatively inexpensive. However, to film the short drama sequence will be costly. It will involve set building, pyrotechnics, a large costumed cast, experienced crew and complex post-production work. We are looking at funding now and will be running another Kickstarter campaign soon.