Finding WWI Bombardier Baillie


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As part of our research into William Crowder’s WWI story we are trying to identify Bombardier Baillie from this photograph and to trace his family.

Bombardier Baillie, Royal Artillery, 51st Division, Highland Regiment

Bombardier Baillie, Royal Artillery, 51st Division, Highland Regiment

Bombardier Baillie was part of the telephonist team, under William Crowder’s command, in Gosling forward observation post when the German Spring Offensive began 21st March 1918. All the men were captured by the advancing Germans but we understand that Baillie was one of the few to return from PoW camp after WWI. Both Bombardier Baillie and 2nd Lieutenant William Harrison Crowder were in the Royal Artillery, attached to the 51st Highland Regiment. It is likely that Baillie was Scottish.

Please contact us if you have any information.

WW1 Drama-Documentary


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(c) Nick Loven

William saying goodbye to his family (c) Nick Loven

We are hoping to complete this WW1 commemorative film project by making a number of small documentaries one of which, on the knitted costume, has already been recorded. Most importantly, we plan to film a drama-documentary to tell the story of William Crowder as this is not covered by the film.

Adam Fox as William Crowder

William returns (Adam Fox as William Crowder) (c) Nick Loven

The account of the events surrounding the battle in which William Crowder received a DSO is one of the most arresting and visually compelling of any account I have read. Recreating this will be extraordinary.

We will also include some behind the scenes material and research stories. These will be all added to the DVD of the film for release later next year.

Interview-based documentary work is, in contrast to filming drama, relatively inexpensive. However, to film the short drama sequence will be costly. It will involve set building, pyrotechnics, a large costumed cast, experienced crew and complex post-production work. We are looking at funding now and will be running another Kickstarter campaign soon.

William Crowder’s WWI Story


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Our 2014 WWI film “Tell Them of Us”, is the true story of one Lincolnshire family, made to commemorate the outbreak of WWI.

One story remained untold however; what happened to William Crowder at the front which resulted in him receiving the Distinguished Service Order. The DSO was awarded to an officer for acts of gallantry under attack; so what exactly happened to William? Fortunately we have an account and it is one of the most arresting and visually compelling of any narrative I have read.

We plan to make a documentary of William’s story and hope to raise enough money to dramatise the events that resulted in him receiving the DSO. Recreating these events will be extraordinary, but costly. So we will be launching a new Kickstarter fundraiser soon and we are looking into other fundraising options as well. The more we can raise the more we can do!

William Crowder played by Adam Fox. Graphic design Judith Brodnicki.

William Crowder played by Adam Fox. Graphic design Judith Brodnicki.

Last Chance to see ‘Tell Them of Us’ WW1 Film


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For the last month ‘Tell Them of Us’ – the untold story of one Lincolnshire family – has been showing in the auditorium screen at The Collection, Lincoln. It has been accompanied by an exhibition of the costumes made for, and the story of, the film.

The last showings of this WW1 commemorative film are on Saturday 6th December 11am and 2pm and Sunday 7th December 11am and 2pm.

We have had many wonderful reviews and here is one:

Guest comment


Immersion Cinema


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Immersion cinema is where the audience’s appreciation of a story is heightened by, for example, being in the location where the events played out. Now there is a chance to see Tell Them of Us in one of the locations where the events depicted happened and where we filmed too.The film is about the Crowder family during World War One and is told from the home front. A close friend of the Crowder family, Violet Pearson, worked as a VAD nurse at the Horncastle Red Cross Hospital and, although the film only briefly touches on her work, the fact that the audience will be viewing the film sitting in the ward that so many injured soldiers were nursed, will be a powerful one.

The Charity Premiere of the film will be introduced by the Director, Nick Loven, and Robert Holland, grandson and great nephew of Grace, William and Robert Crowder. It will be held in Stanhope Hall, Horncastle, the former Red Cross Hospital. Funds will go to the restoration of St Margaret’s Church, Thimbleby, which contains the marble memorial to Robert Crowder and the other fallen from the village during the 1914-18 war.

charity premiere